Thursday, February 13, 2020, 6 PM

Join geologist, skier, and climate change journalist Karin Kirk for tales from a six-day traverse of some seriously rugged terrain in East Greenland. The trip was dual purpose: to explore and enjoy some mountaineering in a relatively untouched landscape, while also documenting the effects of the summer’s historic melting of Greenland’s ice. Like most outdoor adventures, the story comes alive with the photos, but Karin will also share the backstory of embarking on a daunting trip.

“That uneasy feeling that I might be taking on something that was way over my head; that no amount of preparation could ever be enough. But the beauty of a traverse-style trip is that you have to get to the other side, regardless. The simple sense of purpose, in a massive landscape, proved to be deeply satisfying.”

As always, there will be beer from MAP Brewing Co., kombucha from Dean’s Zesty Booch, coffee from Rockford Coffee and sparkling water.