One day minimum rental.

Same day rentals are subject to availability. 

No refunds for cancellations within 24 hours.

For multi-day rentals – early returns will only be refunded half of the remaining rental amount. Pickup and drop-off of equipment is only available during business hours (10:00am-6:00pm, Monday-Saturday) 

For after hours returns contact 406-570-4259 ($25 minimum charge for after hours returns)

Renters accept full financial responsibility for the equipment rented. Renters promise to return all equipment clean and undamaged by the agreed time and date, and if fails to do so will pay for its repair, cleaning at our current shop rates. Satellite/GPS devices will be assessed for data usage within 24 hours of item return and renter will be charged accordingly. Renter is responsible for all costs related to SOS usage of Garmin inReach devices. Uphill Pursuits remains owner of rental items for the duration of the rental period. Late returns will be charged $25/day for the first 48 hours late. Due to supply difficulties, unreturned rentals after 48 hours will be charged 2x the full retail value of the unreturned items as well as the full rental value for any additional days. Lost items will be charged on the same timeline.